Jennifer Kaye, MA

My background in psychology and business guided me to develop a method of inquiry that has helps me coach individuals to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how to examine things from a different perspective.  This self exploration can be life changing.  My coaching method is always approached with respectful curiosity, appreciation and holding space for the individual.  My own experience with burnout and trauma led me to a deep exploration of many different healing modalities. I have dedicated my life to researching and helping individuals get to the root cause of their issues so they can live the life that they are meant to live.

My intuitive coaching approach weaves in 20+ years of positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, Reiki, and somatic practices.  My experience includes leading large organizational change management initiatives, career and personal evaluation sessions, and executive coaching. 

What I have to offer:

We are a society that is based on achieving.  From an early age we are measured by milestones, which continue into adulthood.  These societal milestones can create significant pressure and conditioning. At certain stages in your life, it is important to check in with yourself and decide am I on the right path? Are my life choices aligned with my core values?  Is there something I want or need to change?

Those individuals that have reached a point in their life where they want to make a change or explore ways to optimize their wellbeing, benefit from partnering with someone who can help them with this exploration. 

The exploration of yourself is an important process for everyone. We develop mindsets from an early age from our family, our educational institutions, your religious affiliations, and relationships.  You are gathering information in a way that assists you in making future decisions.  The problem is that some of that information may be outdated, or you haven’t had an opportunity to revisit these mindsets to determine if they are still serving you. Many of us have limiting belief systems that are unconscious.  In order to evolve and create a life that is truly yours, exploring how you got to today is an important step in determining who you will be tomorrow.  

The wisdom of how we lead our lives and the impact we have on others are within each of us, my contribution is to hold space and help you to uncover the things that may no longer be of service to you and awaken others. 

What to expect in your sessions:

This is not Therapy – This is a process of self-discovery.  My process creates a place of safety and support, while engaging in thought provoking questions to help you evaluate who you are, so you can decide the best way to proceed in your life.  Depending on the issue(s) that you want to focus on, we explore the topic through an appreciative inquiry process. Through that process, I will ask questions that help explore how you arrived at certain belief systems. Many times these are unconscious, and it takes asking the right questions at the right time to unearth them.  There will be aha moments! I also assist with identifying patterns that you may have unintentionally created.  The beauty of this uncovering is that it brings it to your awareness.  This self-awareness will build confidence and more acceptance of who you are. This will give you confidence to build better boundaries and develop your innate strengths.  In turn, my hope is that it builds deeper connections for you and positively impact your community.

I believe that all the answers to what each of us seek – is within us – I am here to help bring it to the surface. 

During our sessions, I provide suggestions and tools that build your awareness, resiliency and ways to strengthen your innate gifts.

Integrative Coaching

A space created to explore who you are today against who you want to be in the future. I use a “whole person” approach that invites you gain knowledge and challenge you to think differently to gain a wider perspective. We will also revisit events in your life that created your belief systems. Choose a few sessions to address an immediate issue or choose a series of sessions to take you to a deeper level of self-awareness.

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Leadership Coaching

A good leader knows themselves and leads from a place of the collective and not ego. How you lead has a direct impact on your organization's culture.
Sessions are offered to assist those who strive to cultivate healthy work environments.
Course work will include:
Identifying who you are as a leader
Reviewing the stories we tell ourselves
Workplace challenges
The type of leader you want to become
Leadership action

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Integrative Art Journaling courses

Reclaiming what is in subconscious is your path to feeling whole. We have a subconscious and a conscious state of being. Each of these comes into play when you are making decisions. Are you making decisions from an emotional place, instinct, or from a place of logic? The key to successful decision making is to understand yourself better. The Art Journaling process helps you explore certain themes through a creative process to help self-evaluation and insights. The goal is to know yourself better and continue your exploration of self-awareness. This process allows you to explore various aspects of your life and determine what areas you would like to examine at a deeper level through therapy or Integrative coaching.